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If an item can be namedrop, there is a check box and a namedrop minimum request qty
on it.
In the text box, “21 Characters only” meaning the space for namedrop only allow
21 characters.

By clicking the check box, the quantity automatically adjusted to namedrop qty, You can enter the name you want into the text box. By clicking “Add”, the item and namedrop information is added into the shopping cart.

If you think the namedrop quantity is too high, thus want to cancel namedrop. Please uncheck the namedrop box, and you can reduce the quantity.

In the shopping cart, you can see the requested namedrop item. You can still edit the quantity and namedrop service here.

If you didn’t do all the steps before or you have a hard time figure out the namedrop function, you can still leave a message regarding namedrop request in the “Special Instructions”
before confirm and submit the order. Once we receive your order, we will process your request or contact you if there is any questions.

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